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Blazing Gavels Auction
Welcome to KLRN’s Great TV Auction, Blazing Gavels.


Below you’ll find a brief overview of the Auction and some helpful information about how things work, both on-air and online.

Your participation in the Auction directly support public television programming and outreach in San Antonio and South Central Texas.




We classify our bids on items as either TV BIDS, those that are placed by calling into the studio, or WEB BIDS, those placed on blazinggavels.com. Valid bids are those that have been submitted by the time an item closes. TV BIDS must be called in AND time stamped by a volunteer in the studio to be considered valid.


TV BIDS: 210-270-9099. Use this number to place a TV bid. Our studio volunteers are trained to take your bid, but will not be able to provide detailed information on a specific item.


SPEED BID NUMBER: 210-270-9000. If you would like to place a TV bid through a studio volunteer, you can request a speed bid number. When you call in to place a bid, you can simply give your speed bid number and phone number to the volunteer along with the item and your bid amount. Your name and contact information is tied to your own unique Speed Bid Number. If you’ve had a speed bid number in the past and can’t remember it, you can call us and we’ll provide that for you.


INFORMATION LINE: 210-208-8472. Use this number when the Auction is LIVE on-air to speak to someone who can provide more information on a specific item.


EMAIL: If you have questions about the auction, email us at auction@klrn.org. We’ll try to get back to you as quickly as we can.






To bid on items online, you will need to create an account with BlazingGavels.com. You will create a user name and password and provide basic contact information. Once you create your account, you will receive an email from auction@klrn.org with instructions on how to complete your registration. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER as that initial email from us will often go to this folder. Add auction@klrn.org as an approved email address. We keep you posted on your bid by sending you an email alert when you have been outbid.

If you created an account on BlazingGavels.com since 2009, your account should still be active. Use the Username and password that you used at that time. If you need assistance, email us at auction@klrn.org and put REGISTRATION HELP in the subject line.

We DO NOT ask for payment information in the registration process, nor will we ask you to enter your credit card information online.


For a bid on an item valued at or over $1,500, a credit card number is required to secure the bid. The FIRST TIME you bid on an item valued at or over $1,500, you will receive a phone call from KLRN to collect a credit card number. This information is used only to secure your bid. We will not charge this card until you receive a CONFIRMATION CALL from KLRN confirming that you are the high bidder. You may choose a different payment method when you are confirmed as the high bidder.




Because of the sheer volume of items that are presented during the Auction, we are only able to make available a select group of items for online bidding.


These items are valued from $1,500 and up. These are presented on-air and a group of these items close each evening of the Auction at 10:45 PM (CT) (unless otherwise noted). You will find almost all of these items online until they close.


These are items valued from $500 - $1,499. Items are first presented on-air each evening (except the final night) and they close the following night of the Auction at 9:30 PM (CT). You will find almost all of these items online until they close.







Bids on Chairman’s and Specials items (any item valued $500 and up) must be made in $10 increments AND your bid must end in a zero (0). You must also make bids in whole dollars. For example, if the current bid for an item is $750, you must bid a minimum of $760.

We take bids online and in the studio from TV BIDDERS, who are TV viewers who bid on items by calling in to the studio versus placing a bid online. The last online bid posted when the item closes may not necessarily be the winning bidder. We timestamp all telephone bids and then enter them into the web site as TV BIDDERS if they come in and are validated before an item closes. Because we get a flurry of phone bids just before an item closes,  bids that are timestamped before the item closes may not be reflected online.

If you are the high bidder, a KLRN Confirmation Team Member will call you WITHIN 24-HOURS to confirm that you are the winning bidder. They will discuss payment options and provide pick-up instructions at that time. (NOTE: We stop making Confirmation Calls each night at approximately 12:00AM).



Proxy bidding is an automatic method of bidding that increases your bid to the next lowest price when another user bids on the same item. Your bid is increased until your maximum bid amount is reached or the auction ends. If a TV Bidder places a bid at the same amount of your current bid, your bid will be raised $10 until your proxy level is meet.

If you are outbid, you will receive an email notification from
auction@klrn.org. If you do not see the email, check your junk email box.

Proxy bidding is only available for online bidders. TV bidders cannot place a proxy bid. They must call in and place a new bid each time they want their bid raised.




Once you confirm a bid, you cannot retract it except in exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances are limited to (1) clear typographical errors and (2) KLRN materially changing the description of the item after your bid. Exceptional circumstances do not include the User bidding on or winning a bid on another (perhaps similar) item, not having the money to pay for an item, or changing your mind.

If you have questions about the TERMS OF THE AUCTION, you can read them here: http://www.blazinggavels.com/terms_plain.asp

You can read KLRN’s PRIVACY POLICY here: http://www.blazinggavels.com/privacy_plain.asp





All of the items featured in the Auction have been generously donated by local and national businesses and organizations. If you have the chance to visit one of our donors or sponsors, be sure to say thank you to them for supporting the Auction and KLRN. 




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